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Rice Stick (Brown Rice)


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Suitable for 6 months & above

– Calrose Rice
– Brown Rice
– Calcium Carbonate
– Rice Bran Oil

Store in a dry place at room temperature. Once
opened, sealed tightly and consume with 7 days for
maximum freshness.

Ways to eat
1) Eat it right away.
2) Bowl of cereals with warm milk/water
3) As toppings


100 in stock

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Introducing our Double Happiness Rice Stick Grain Series, specially crafted for babies 6 months and above! Here’s why our rice puffs are a great choice for your little ones:

Made with different types of grains to provide a variety of nutrients for baby’s healthy growth
Step 1 rice step for easy introduction to solids, perfect for picky eaters
-High in calcium to support strong bone development and growth
-All-natural ingredients with no harmful additives, making them a healthy snack choice
-Perfect size for small hands to hold and explore new textures
Calcium is an essential vitamin for babies, and our rice sticks provide a great source. Here are some benefits:

-Helps build strong bones and teeth
-Supports healthy nerve and muscle function
-May reduce the risk of certain diseases later in life

Our rice stick grain series offers a variety of natural food options for your baby, helping to introduce them to new tastes and textures. Order now and give your little ones a delicious and nutritious snack!

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