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All Natural real food for your baby and toddler


Double Happiness is a brand brought to life by our love of good food, especially dedicating to babies, toddlers and health-conscious consumers. Ensuring that each product maintains a high standard to allow consumers to receive the utmost quality and value of the products.

Vegetables Pasta
What do we offer?

Double Happiness offers a variety of baby food products ranging from soups to pancake mix and veggie pasta. 

This caters to toddlers of any age group making Double Happiness a go-to option when shopping for baby food products. 

Also, if an infant could enjoy our food products at ease, why can't any adult?

baby walnut soup

What do we BELIEVE?

We believe that the real luxury is the taste of natural food.  

We believe that healthy, natural real food is the BEST and also the tastiest, no matter whether you're 60, 16 or 6 months old.

Baby Cereal Avocado
Baby Cereal Avocado

At Double Happiness, we’re all about sharing our natural baby food to your preciously growing little foodies. 

Simply because we believe that your toddlers deserve the best. 

Our strongest points are:

  • Sourcing the freshest, premium ingredients from premium and certified supplier 
  • Easy and convenient to prepare a tasteful meal
  • Free from preservatives, artificial colorings, trans fats and added MSG
"Natural food is the real luxury"

"Natural food is luxury"

Ever since my cousin sister gave birth to my niece and nephew and my turn giving birth to my first boy, I have been googled and searched around for nature food for our cuties at home. I, then realised that it is such a splendour to have real food without MSG and additive for adults, not to mention to a newborn baby and toddles. 

So, I started rolling dough with avocado juice, carrot juice along side with other fruits and vegetables juice with my hubby, struggling in mixing the right portions of fruits juice or vegetables juice with flour dough, hoping to give our little kids at home a better food choice. Their happy face while munching our handmade pasta is our pillar to keep this going. 

With their happy munching face in mind, we wanted to share this with new parents who have the same thought as us, that it is important and indeed a real luxury for the little babies and toddlers to taste the naturalness of the food. We want them to enjoy that scene of their kids smiling, eating their meal happily.                                                    -By Jocelyn

Double Happiness Founder
Founders of Double Happiness