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Baby First Feed Rice Cereal Sweet Potato


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Suitable for 6 months & above


Instant cereal, just add hot water or milk.

  • Made with NON-GMO ingredients
  • Made with premium ingredients
  • Made with Purple Sweet Potato

Purple Sweet Potato
– Helps in digestion.
– Boost brain functions.
– Support healthy metabolism.
– May support immune function.
– Healthy development of eyes.

Soy Lecithin
– Improve memory.
– Stimulate brain activities such as learning, memory, motor coordination, sensory feedback and sleep pattern.

– Prebiotic.
– Enhance absorption of Calcium.
– Reduce the amount of bad bacteria.
– Stimulate the growth of beneficial bacterial such as bifidobacterial.

Brown Rice
– Improve healthy bone.
– Regulating bowel function.

Chia Seed
– Regulating bowel function
– Contain vitamin B3, vitamin K and Iron.
– Calcium for healthy bones and Zinc for immune function.
– Ensure healthy development and metabolism.

– Decrease the risk of childhood asthma.
– Rich in antioxidants.
– Contain high amounts of protein.

Product Highlights:
– No starch added
– No preservatives
– No artificial colors
– No artificial flavors
– No salt
– No added sugar

100 in stock

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Oat Powder, Instant Porridge Powder, Brown Rice Powder,, Purple Sweet Potato, Inulin, Chia Seed and Soy Lecithin.

Contains: SOY & WHEAT


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