Story about Double Happiness

The Founders

How did we start our journey?

With our little kid’s munching face in mind, we wanted to share this with new parents who have the same thought as us, that it is important and indeed a real luxury for the little babies and toddlers to taste the naturalness of the food. We want them to enjoy that scene of their kids smiling, eating their meal happily.

About the company

A Malaysian Brand Established In Year 2017

in a peaceful town of Southern West Malaysia founded by the loving spouse Larry & Jocelyn. Powered by the mantra ‘Prioritize healthy diet, healthy child doubled the happiness for every parents wish’ shared their wonderful creations to the world with the birth of Double Happiness. It’s all started with selling fresh made vegetables noodles online. Expeditiously upgraded and expanded the production line with new creations when the founder sees the tremendous demand. Today, Double Happiness is one of the leading healthy foods for baby and toddlers manufacturer in Malaysia.

Double Happiness carries a wide range of healthy foods for baby and toddlers that certified on the food safety assurance by MESTI & Ministry of Health of Malaysia (KKM), ISO Food Safety Management System, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and JAKIM HALAL. At Double Happiness, we take quality control seriously in each SKUs.

Specializes in making healthy foods with natural ingredients of East meets West concept from main meals to desserts. Veggie noodles to veggie pasta and delicious sauce premix to blend perfectly for a satisfying yet healthy meal that loaded with nutrients & vitamins from vegetables. Not forgetting the most common first solid food introduced to infants which is Baby cereals are also available.

Maximum Versatility Of Broth Powders That Is Easy & Convenient

For Working Parents to make soups, sauces, stews, porridge & even stir-fry vegetables as seasoning with varieties of healthy yummy flavors for toddlers 18 months & above.

Speaking of healthy foods, herbal soups are well known for their “powers” of rejuvenation as natural supplements to boost immune systems, ward of common ailments, as well as boost energy levels of active adults and even athletes. Soups are a wonderfully simple way to introduce the little one to the world of adult food. Hence, one of the best selling product range of Kid Herbal Soup packs are simply the must-have during meals. And not forgetting the Baby Cream Soup Premix to match your western cuisine meals in just minutes.

Pancake Premix perfect for breakfast & teatime with super quick preparation.

Desserts are definitely cannot be missed. Pudding Premix like famous Crème Brulee and Panna Cotta for easy baking, simply the best with healthy ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth safely.

We Are Pleased And Honored To Have Malaysians Supports In Both West & East Malaysia. Being a Malaysian, it is amazing living in a multicultural society. The Non-Chinese community and the health conscious Muslim friends enjoyed the healthy product too. Soon enough, the word got out about Double Happiness’s healthy yet delicious creations and it didn’t stop in Malaysia. To date, Double Happiness has entered other Asian countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Myanmar to satisfy global demands of our healthy bite.

We are available in Online Market Place platforms; Shopee & Lazada. To reach us, you can chat with us at or WhatsApp our hotline at +60167032710.

The founder of Double Happiness Larry & Jocelyn simply wish every parents can foster healthy eating habits. Health is wealth and a healthy diet starts early in life will makes a big difference. Thus, hoping to create fun yet healthy products for babies, toddlers, seniors and health-conscious patrons with the right ingredient, the right taste, the right bite.