Story about Double Happiness

The Founders

How did we start our journey?

With our little kid’s munching face in mind, we wanted to share this with new parents who have the same thought as us, that it is important and indeed a real luxury for the little babies and toddlers to taste the naturalness of the food. We want them to enjoy that scene of their kids smiling, eating their meal happily.

In 2017, our business began with a simple desire from our founders, Larry and Jocelyn. They wanted to prepare nutritious meals for their child and ensure that mealtime was a happy and enjoyable experience. Jocelyn remembered how often children would cry during mealtimes, and they didn’t want their child to feel that way. Eating should be a joyful occasion, after all.

When they searched for healthy and suitable baby food options in nearby stores, they were disappointed by the lack of variety available in the market. So, they decided to take matters into their own hands and experiment with creating their own homemade baby food. They started by mixing flour with vegetable juice and handcrafted it into noodles, which surprisingly won the approval of their child.

After sharing their creations with family and friends, they received enthusiastic feedback and decided to sell their homemade baby food online. They faced many challenges along the way but persisted with their passion for creating nutritious and tasty meals for children. They moved from their home kitchen to a physical store, and eventually expanded to a factory.

Their goal was always to provide mothers with the best possible products, because they believed that every child deserved the best. Using a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, they crafted their baby food to look like a rainbow on the plate, and it worked wonders in getting picky eaters to consume more vegetables.

As their business grew, they realized the importance of food safety and obtained ISO22000, GMP, HACCP, MESTI, and HALAL certifications to ensure that every step of their R&D and production processes were closely monitored and regulated for quality and safety.

Today, their company offers a range of products from vegetable noodles and pasta to pancakes, snacks, baby porridge, healthy drinks, and children’s seasoning. In 2023, as their equipment and facilities matured, they decided to offer OEM/ODM services to help brands in Malaysia and around the world with their manufacturing needs.

Their brand has already expanded to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Myanmar, and they are working hard to bring their brand to even more countries. Their hope is to offer more convenient and healthy food options for babies, children, and health-conscious individuals. They want to make meal preparation easier for mothers, and bring more joy to mealtime for children.

At Double Happiness Asia Foods, we believe that every child deserves to eat healthy and delicious food, and we’re committed to making that a reality. We hope that our products bring joy and ease to families and provide healthy food options that are not only nutritious but also tasty.