How did we start our journey?

With our little kid’s munching face in mind, we wanted to share this with new parents who have the same thought as us, that it is important and indeed a real luxury for the little babies and toddlers to taste the naturalness of the food. We want them to enjoy that scene of their kids smiling. eating their meal happily.

In 2017, our business began with a simple desire from our founders, Larry and Jocelyn.

They yearned to create nourishing meals for their child and ensure that mealtimes were filled with happiness and delight. Jocelyn recalled the moments when children would sometimes cry during meals, and they were determined to ensure their own child wouldn’t feel that way. After all, the act of eating should be a cheerful occasion.

When they scoured nearby stores for wholesome and suitable baby food options, they were disheartened by the limited choices available in the market. Hence, they took matters into their own hands, embarking on an experiment to craft homemade baby food. They ingeniously blended flour with vegetable juice and meticulously fashioned it into noodles, much to the surprising approval of their child.

After sharing their culinary creations with family and friends, they were met with resounding praise and this encouraged them to venture into the online sphere to sell their homemade baby food. The path was laden with challenges, but they persisted with their fervor for crafting nutritious and delectable meals for children. Their journey transitioned from their home kitchen to a brick-and-mortar store, eventually blossoming into a factory.

Their unwavering objective was to present mothers with the finest products, as they firmly believed that every child deserves the very best. Utilizing an array of vibrant fruits and vegetables, they meticulously designed their baby food to resemble a colorful rainbow on the plate, yielding remarkable success in enticing even the most selective eaters to savor vegetables.

As their business flourished, they recognized the paramount significance of food safety. They attained certifications such as ISO 22000, GMP, HACCP, MESTI, and HALAL, assuring that every facet of their research, development, and production processes were meticulously monitored and governed to uphold standards of quality and safety.

Today, their company proudly offers an extensive array of products ranging from vegetable-infused noodles and pasta to mouthwatering pancakes, wholesome snacks, nourishing baby porridge, invigorating beverages, and a medley of children’s seasonings. In the year 2023, with their equipment and facilities reaching maturity, they took the strategic decision to extend their services to encompass OEM/ODM solutions, thereby supporting brands in Malaysia and globally with their manufacturing requirements.

Their brand has transcended boundaries, establishing its presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Myanmar, while they tirelessly labor to introduce their brand to even more nations. Their aspiration is to provide a repertoire of convenient and health-conscious food choices tailored to babies, children, and mindful individuals. They aim to simplify meal preparation for mothers and infuse more delight into children’s mealtimes.

At Double Happiness Asia Foods, we firmly believe that every child merits the experience of relishing wholesome and delectable food. Our dedication is rooted in turning this belief into reality. We fervently hope that our products not only bring joy and convenience to families, but also offer wholesome food options that are equally flavorful and nutritious.