It’s common to flirt with gentle innuendos to show interest in anyone without coming across as intrusive or unsettling. Since it can be more difficult to understand figure language in a virtual environment, this technique is even more obvious when flirting via word. It’s hardly difficult to tell whether or not the guy you’re flirting with is sending out some delicate impulses, though, if you know what to look for.

A light real touch, such as stroking the other person’s back or chest or gently putting their finger around yours, is one of the most apparent signs of flirting. Eye contact is another, and it’s frequently a good indication that someone is interested in you. A smile and a playful grin, as well as light-hearted witticisms or putdown, or good-natured tormenting, are also important flirting indicators.

Verbal innuendos, which can include double pun vocabulary, a type of phrase with two meanings that may both be sexual in nature, are another significant indicator of flirting. For instance, someone might say,” I’d taking you to the films with me,” which connotes a sexual and romantic interest.

Finally, someone who is flirting with someone via wording may also taunt the other person by making enjoyment of them in a lighthearted and humorous manner. A interact, for instance, might make fun of someone by jokingly mentioning that they were recently released from prison, showing attention in them and a propensity for being naughty.